the grand view overlook trail in canyonlands

After leaving the Upheaval Dome and Whale Rock, we drive south through Canyonlands, stopping at several overlooks.

We make a quick stop at the Holman Spring Canyon Overlook.


Holman Spring Canyon Overlook

Island in the Sky sits atop a mesa overlooking two great rivers that come together, the Green River and the Colorado River. We stop at the Green River Overlook and look west over the Green River.


the trail to the Green River Overlook


Green River Overlook

We then stop for a view of the Colorado River to the east from the Buck Canyon Overlook.

The Buck Canyon Overlook also offers views of the La Sal Mountains in the distance.


Buck Canyon Overlook

Further south still, we stop briefly at the Orange Cliffs Overlook.

Finally, we reach the southernmost point at Island in the Sky, Grand View Point Overlook.  It is quite hot today, but we hike a mile out and a mile back along the top of the canyon edge.  The Grand View encompasses the confluence of the Colorado and the Green Rivers in the distance; in the foreground, we see Meander Canyon and The Loop of the Colorado River.


Grand View Point Overlook


Grand View Point Overlook


Mormon Tea at the Grand View Point Overlook


Grand View Point Overlook

On our way back from the end point of the trail, I change my lens, using a wide-angle to capture our last views of the canyon.


The Grand View Overlook trail


Grand View Point Overlook trail


Grand View Point Overlook trail


Grand View Point Overlook trail


Grand View Point Overlook trail


Grand View Point Overlook trail

All in all, we walk 2.19 miles over 1:16 hours.

*Thursday, May 10, 2018*


On Sundays, I plan to post various walks that I took on our Four Corners trip as well as hikes I take locally while training for the Camino de Santiago; I may also post on other unrelated subjects. I will use these posts to participate in Jo’s Monday Walks or any other challenges that catch my fancy.

This post is in response to Jo’s Monday Walk: Ma Shipton’s Cave, Knaresborough.