on returning home from cape may

A few days after I got home from Cape May, I received the postcard I sent to myself from there.


State of New Jersey postcard


Mike poked fun at me for sending a postcard home to myself, but it was a nice reminder of some of the special encounters I had along the way, making me feel like I wasn’t the only person in the world dealing with family problems. I remember snuggling up under heavy comforters in my room at the Pink Cottage, while the wind howled outside, and writing this postcard.  I’ll hold dear this special time in Cape May at a time when I really wanted to pamper myself.  My time there also gave me some distance from my problems, and helped me consider how I can love my son but let go of him and his choices at the same time.  Love but detach.  It’s hard for a mother to do, but necessary.  I can only live my own life; his life is his to live as he sees fit.

It was fun to give the gifts of lotion and soaps from Bath Time to my grown children as stocking stuffers at Christmas (yes, I still do stockings for my adult children!). I still haven’t soaked in the LushUSA Bath Bomb.  I’m saving it for a time when I really feel down. And, once it’s spring, I’ll love wearing my two new scarves.

I had fun editing my photos, deciding on the five iconic things about Cape May and posting them, and also writing my 5 senses experience of Cape May.

On some warmer weekend in the future, I’m going to return. 🙂


“ON RETURNING HOME” INVITATION: I invite you to write a 500-750 word (or less) post on your own blog about returning home from one particular destination or, alternately, from a long journey encompassing many stops.  How do you linger over your wanderings and create something from them?  How have you changed? Feel free to address any aspect of your journey and how it influences you upon your return. If you don’t have a blog, I invite you to write in the comments.

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