call to place: jordan in 2011

When I first arrived for my teaching job in Oman in September of 2011, I was determined to see as much of the region as possible during my time in the Middle East.  My list included Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt (again), UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. I also would seek to travel to places easily accessible from Oman, such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia, places with direct flights from Muscat.  As it turned out, I would never get to Lebanon due to unrest and travel warnings. While in Oman, I wouldn’t make it to Morocco, either, although I finally made it there in 2019. Neither did I make it to Kuwait, Qatar or Sri Lanka.  And sadly, I didn’t make it back to Egypt.


the Monastery at Petra


Wadi Rum

Our first holiday, Eid al-Adha, was within a few months after I arrived in Oman in September, and I had determined that I would make a trip to Jordan.  I was lured by photos I’d seen of the terra-cotta colored Petra ruins & the desert  of Wadi Rum.  I wanted to try floating in the Dead Sea. I was enticed to stay in a Bedouin Camp and visit the Roman ruins at Jerash. I had a few images in my mind of the city of Amman from a great movie I saw in the USA called Captain Abu Raed.  My Jordanian friend Lina had already given me a feel for Jordanian hospitality and culture.





I would take off for my adventure to Jordan from November 5-11, 2011.


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