three days in chicago

Chicago is a city: of soaring and gleaming architecture, of towering views, of Lake Michigan shoreline, of Crown Fountain, of the mirrored “Bean,” of serpentine bridges, of The Chicago Theatre in “Everyone’s Neighborhood,” of Marina City’s corncobs, of pizza, Italian food and hatch chili, of art from Gauguin to Calder to El Greco, of temples of worship, of colorful murals and diverse neighborhoods, of Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernest Hemingway, of rusted figures walking in a crowd through Grant Park, of the University of Chicago, of the old Pullman factory with its integrated town and amenities, of the Chicago Cubs, and of the impossibly turquoise Chicago River.

Our top 10 sights to see in Chicago were:

10) Riverwalk
9) Bahá’i Temple House of Worship
8) Pullman National Monument
7) Ukrainian Village
6) Pilsen murals
5) Agora in Grant Park
4) The Art Institute
3) Chicago 360
2) A lakefront bicycle ride
1) Chicago River Boat Architecture Tour

This “video/slideshow” encapsulates our three day trip in August of 2020.


This is my first ever “video.” Hopefully I can improve over time as I’m able to figure out more special features of iMovie and, especially, as I’m able to incorporate more actual video into the slideshows.

Thank you for watching! 🙂