a day in the marrakech medina

We got a slow start this morning, our first free day in Marrakech, but we finally took a taxi to the medina. At Koutoubia Mosque, we tried to get our bearings.


Koutoubia Mosque


Koutoubia Mosque

We started our morning at Djemaa el-Fna and tried to head north, but we couldn’t find the souqs that we’d walked through the afternoon before. Neither of us were much interested in the snake charmers.


Djemaa el-Fna

Several guys attached themselves to us and tried to direct us to some tanneries and a cooperative, but we weren’t interested and we couldn’t shake them.  They were insistent, and frankly, obnoxious.  When I spoke strongly to them that we wanted to walk alone, one of them said, “F*@k America!”  We were taken aback, but not surprised, as many people in this part of the world hate our country. To be honest, I hate it often myself.


murals in Marrakech souq


mule cart


life in the Marrakech souq


more murals




horse-drawn cart

After being lost for a while, we retraced our steps.  We stopped at a little cafe in a narrow alley.  It seemed we had finally found a corner where the souqs seemed to begin. Then we started shopping in earnest.  I bought more scarves (surprise, surprise!), paintings, jewelry (pink earrings and a Berber necklace), and some spices.

At one point, we dipped into a riad to take a few photos.

By accident, we came upon a colorful square selling straw bags and hats, colorful knit hats, carpets and a mishmash of stuff.

I fell in love with a long purple carpet hanging over a rooftop, but I knew I’d have nowhere to put it in my house.  That didn’t stop me yearning for it.


my dream purple carpet


my dream purple carpet


my dream purple carpet

We ate lunch on tiny stools at tiny tables.  I had a four cheese panini-like sandwich and orange banana juice.  Then we dove in for more shopping.  We spent about six hours, from about 10-4, in the medina today.  It was sensory overload!


gate into Marrakech medina

Later, we went back to rest at our hotel, and then later had dinner somewhere, but since I forgot to take notes, I don’t remember where. I vaguely remember it being a group farewell meal in a quite fancy restaurant.  It seems I had salmon with pasta. 🙂

The next day our tour would come to an end, but Susan and I had one more full day to explore Marrakech before we would fly our separate ways.

*Steps, 16,108, or 6.83 miles*

*Sunday, April 21, 2019*


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