the mesa arch trail & shafer canyon overlook, topped off with a treat from quesadilla mobilla

After hiking the Grand View Point Overlook Trail, we headed north out of Canyonlands.  Before leaving, we took a short hike to see Mesa Arch.  We also stopped off at the Shafer Canyon Overlook.  We had a bit of a time constraint, as we wanted to eat at the Quesadilla Mobilla food truck on our last night in Moab. They closed promptly at 5:00, so we needed to hightail it back to Moab so we could have this treat and explore a bit of Moab after dinner.

Mesa Arch is a half-mile hike leading to a cliff-edge arch.  It has stunning views towards the La Sal Mountains.


Mesa Arch Trail


Mesa Arch Trail


Mesa Arch


Mesa Arch

The walk was a short one, about 0.84 miles, taking us only 25:34 minutes.

Across from the parking lot to the Mesa Arch trail is Aztec Butte.


Aztec Butte

Before approaching the Visitor Center, we stopped to check out the Shafer Canyon Overlook Trail.  From this overlook, we could see portions of the 100-mile White Rim Road, which loops around and below the Island in the Sky mesa top and provides views of the surrounding area.  Trips on this road usually take two to three days by four-wheel-drive vehicle or three to four days by mountain bike.  A permit is required to drive this road, and you must have a high-clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicle.  This unpaved road reminded me of the treacherous road I drove several times through Wadi Bani Awf in Oman, but scarier: a treacherous drive through wadi bani awf: a near-tragedy, the picturesque village of balad sayt, & a glimpse of the infamous snake canyon.


Shafer Canyon Overlook


Shafer Canyon Overlook


Shafer Canyon Overlook


Shafer Canyon Overlook

We had to speed back to Moab in hopes of making it to Qesadilla Mobilla on time.  We called ahead and asked if they closed at exactly 5:00, and they replied that yes, they did.  We would be cutting it close, lucky to arrive even at the last minute. However, they urged us to check out the online menu and order ahead, so they could have it ready for us upon arrival. I ordered a New Mexico Identity Crisis (New Mexico green chile chicken layered over a bed of fresh spinach and topped with sauteed artichoke hearts and black olives, all melted together in a blend of cheddar/jack cheese) and Mike a Sweet and Spicy Veggie Quesadilla (a plentiful layer of fresh spinach covered with spicy roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed red bell peppers, black beans and jalapenos, fused together with cheddar/jack cheese).

We arrived at exactly 4:55 and paid for our dinner, after which they promptly closed the food truck.  We were able to sit outside in the shade and enjoy our meals before going back to our Airbnb to shower. The rush back was definitely worth it. 🙂

All in all, today we walked 18,848 steps, or 7.99 miles.

*Thursday, May 10, 2018*


On Sundays, I plan to post various walks that I took on our Four Corners trip as well as hikes I take locally while training for the Camino de Santiago; I may also post on other unrelated subjects. I will use these posts to participate in Jo’s Monday Walks or any other challenges that catch my fancy.

This post is in response to Jo’s Monday Walk: Osmotherley and Beyond.