call to place: nepal in 2013

The day after my boys left Oman on Saturday, January 12, 2013, the University of Nizwa finally announced that IF we worked REALLY hard invigilating final exams and marking papers during the week, we would get a semester break from January 17-25.  I had been waiting for this announcement and was about to give up hope that we would get a break at all.   I had researched six places I could visit if we got a chance to escape: Sri Lanka, Prague, Kathmandu, Morocco, Beirut and Zanzibar.  When it came to decision time, Kathmandu had the best prices, the shortest flight, and the promise of cool, but not freezing, weather.  So, on Sunday, I booked a ticket to Nepal for 166 Omani Rials ($432).  I would fly out Thursday the 17th at 12:45 p.m.

I had just finished reading one of Pico Iyer’s travel essays from Video Night in Kathmandu: “Nepal: The Quest Becomes a Trek,” which, inspired me to visit Nepal, much as his Lady and the Monk inspired me to visit Kyoto, Japan in January 2011.

I had no plan and no idea what to expect.  I hoped to bring home lots of pictures.

*January 2013*