cincinnati’s krohn conservatory

Since it was snowing and raining on the early March day we visited Cincinnati, we gravitated to warm places, beginning with the Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory, where we could pretend we were in the tropics.


Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory


inside Krohn Conservatory


waterfall in Krohn Conservatory

In Cincinnati’s Eden Park, a greenhouse for public display opened in 1902.  Later, the old buildings were replaced with a new building in the Art Deco style and opened to the general public in 1933. In 1937, the Park Board named the new conservatory the Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory, in honor of Irwin Krohn’s 25 years of service to the Board of Park Commissioners.

In 1939, an addition was built to hold the Desert House.  In the 1970s, a gift shop was built and the entrance to the building was enlarged.  In 1995, the John Carroll Bonsai Gallery was opened.  In 1996, Krohn hosted the first Blockbuster Show, featuring butterflies, which has evolved into the annual Krohn Butterfly Show.

Now Krohn has six permanent display areas housing more thant 1,000 species of plants. The Fern House holds tropical plants, the Palm House holds a waterfall and palm trees and exotic plants, the Floral Display House has changing seasonal exhibits and a permanent collection of citrus trees. The Bonsai Collection has beautiful tiny trees crafted by the Bonsai Society. The Orchid House displays many species of orchids as well as the Carnivorous Plant Collection.


The Fern House


The Fern House


Mike at Krohn Conservatory


The Fern House




Me on a bonsai bench


Floral Display House


Floral Display House


Floral Display House


Floral Display House


Floral Display House


Floral Display House

We saw ferns, painterly green leaves, yellow slender polka dot leaves, dimpled leaves with spiky edges, green- and pink-tinged leaves, strawberry guava, zigzag shrubs. We took turns sitting in butterfly and bonsai tree benches.  We strolled amidst coleus, tulips, a Christmas tree made of poinsettias, Ponderosa lemons, collages of spring, Calamundin Orange from China and Japan, Grapefuit “Rio Red,” Fragrant Elephant Tree with peeling bark, Spear Sansevieria from Angola, Bishop’s Cap, a wooden sculpture in the Desert Room, Indian Spurgetree, Dragon Bones and Spider Aloe. In the Desert Room, we were prickled pink by Pipe Organ Cactus, Golden Barrel Cactus, Madagascan Ocotillo, Blue Flame Cactus.  Our day was brightened by orchids, trained ficus trees and a tunnel of colorful flowers.


Fragrant Elephant Tree


Indian Spurgetree


Desert Room




Spirit of ’76 by William Finn


Floral Display Room at Krohn Conservatory

*Sunday, March 3, 2019*

*6,451 steps, or 2.73 miles*


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