poetic journeys: awakening


Morning would come soon enough, but blackness
still wrapped around me as I shuffled out of Arzúa. Overhead,
the trees yawned and stretched.  The eucalyptus forest sighed
a fragrant hallelujah to the sequestered sun.

Oak leaves skittered away underfoot. Gently, the swishing treetops
brushed the sleep from the fluttering eyelids of stars.
Along the fence line, a pale horse emerged
from the dark, exhaling a deep quivering breath.

My greatest delusion was believing I was alone.  But there,
under those whispering trees and canopy of stars, that ghostly
apparition awakened me to uncertainty, invited me
into the embrace of my improbably unfolding life.

June 1, 2019


a white horse in the dark forest outside of Arzúa


“POETRY” Invitation:  I invite you to write a poem of any poetic form on your own blog about a particular travel destination.  Or you can write about travel in general. Concentrate on any intention you set for your poetry.

One of my intentions for my Camino was this: Write several poems that use personification in a straightforward yet unexpected way: “I walked abroad, / And saw the ruddy moon lean over a hedge / Like a red-faced farmer.” In an interview with Anselm Berrigan at Literary Hub, John Yau, winner of the 2018 Jackson Poetry Prize, talks about puzzling over the personification in these lines from T. E. Hulme’s 1909 poem “Autumn.” In what way does personification affect imagery in poetry? How does this kind of description enhance not only the perception of the object being personified, but also the idea of personhood and the narrator’s idiosyncratic perspective? (poetry prompt from Poets & Writers: Week 31 – August 3, 2018)

Personification is a type of figurative language where non-humans are given human characteristics.

You can either set your own poetic intentions, or use one of the prompts I’ve listed on this page: writing prompts: poetry.  (This page is a work in process).  You can also include photos, of course.

Include the link in the comments below by Thursday, July 4 at 1:00 p.m. EST.  When I write my post in response to this challenge on Friday, July 5, I’ll include your links in that post.

This will be an ongoing invitation, on the first Friday of each month. Feel free to jump in at any time. 🙂

I hope you’ll join in our community. I look forward to reading your posts!